Your question: How many career blocks does LeBron James have?

Where does LeBron rank in all time blocks?


# Player BLK
1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3189
2 Karl Malone 1145
3 LeBron James 987
4 Kobe Bryant 640

Who is the best blocker in the NBA?

Below, check out what we came up with as the 11 best blocks in NBA history in no particular order.

  • Nate Robinson on Yao Ming (2006) …
  • Blake Griffin on Deron Williams (2012) …
  • Wilt Chamberlain on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. …
  • Ben Wallace on Shaquille O’Neal (2006) …
  • JaVale McGee on Wesley Matthews (2011)

Has anyone got a quintuple double in NBA?

While double-doubles and triple-doubles occur regularly each NBA season, only four quadruple-doubles have ever officially been recorded in the NBA, and a quintuple-double has never officially been recorded at the professional, collegiate, or even high school boys’ level.

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