Your question: What is a stretch 5 in basketball?

What does the term stretch 4 mean in basketball?

A “stretch” is any player who’s position traditionally doesn’t shoot or stretch the floor. Stretch meaning causing a defender to guard you closer and respect your shot. So the stretch 4 is a shooting power forward. 1s,2s, and 3s aren’t labeled stretches because they are mostly expected to shoot.

What’s the stretch in basketball?

A stretch four is a power forward who can create offense outside the area of a normal power forward. Stretch refers to the player’s ability to expand the area used, making the opposing defense spread out further from their basket, and four is the number used to describe the power forward position.

What is a 5 in basketball?

Center (5): The center is usually the biggest or tallest member of the basketball team. In the NBA, many centers are 7 feet tall or taller. The center can be a big scorer, but also needs to be a strong rebounder and shot blocker.

What’s a stretch forward?

A stretch forward is a forward in basketball that has better shooting skills and, therefore, is able to draw out the opposing center or power forward to utilize more space and open the center.

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