Your question: Why did Naismith invent basketball?

Who actually invented basketball?

What are the benefits derived from playing basketball?

Health benefits of basketball

burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories) build endurance. improve balance and coordination. develop concentration and self-discipline.

How did James Naismith discover basketball?

Using a soccer ball, two peach baskets placed 10 feet up in the air, nine players on each team, and a set of 13 basic rules, Dr. Naismith invented the game of “basket ball.” The first game was played on December 21, 1891.

Did Naismith steal basketball?

It was his ball, his game and his legacy that Naismith stole.” … “James Naismith took Spalding’s game and spread it to thousands of people,” continued Quaker. “He was the one who told the world about the game, so in turn the world made him the founder of basketball without any thought of its true inventor, Spalding.”

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