Best answer: Does EA Sports make NBA 2K?

Does EA Sports make 2K?

Notably, both companies compete over the realm of NBA games, with 2K releasing the NBA 2K series.

EA Sports.

Formerly Electronic Arts Sports Network (1991–1993)
Type Division
Industry Video games
Founded 1991
Headquarters Redwood City, California , U.S.

Does EA make NBA games?

NBA Live is a series of basketball video games published by EA Sports. … As of 2021, there has not been any official announcements about a new game being developed in the series.

Why is EA so greedy?

EA Games is greedy so they are focusing on profit while neglecting the customers altogether. Focusing on customers will yield greater profit, after all, they will be the one buying games.

Why is EA hated?

The crunch culture at EA has since been mentioned in association with other games, with the excessive crunch having said to contribute towards the poor quality of the game. Such titles including 2006’s Superman Returns which suffered from culture changes as EA reacted to the class action lawsuits, and 2019’s Anthem.

Is EA same as 2K?

EA Sports makes sports video games such as NFL, NBA, NHL, FIFA, and UFC. 2K Sports makes WWE and NBA games, and will soon release a PGA game.

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