Can you declare for NBA draft and go back to college?

Can you declare for the NBA draft more than once?

Before 2016, the NCAA only allowed a player to enter the draft once without losing eligibility, but current NCAA rules now allow players to declare for and withdraw from multiple drafts while retaining college eligibility. The CBA allows a player to withdraw twice.

Can you be in college and in the NBA?

The NBA requires that all players must be at least 19 and be one year out of high school. For many players, this means attending college for one year and then dropping out to play in the NBA.

Did Kobe Bryant go to college?

Did Lebron James go to college?

Can you get into the NBA without playing in college?

You must be 19 to play in the NBA, and most players are drafted out of college. Excel to the best of your ability in high school and AAU basketball, so you can play at a competitive basketball school such as Duke, Kentucky, or North Carolina.

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