Did Michael Jordan call himself the goat?

Does Michael Jordan think he’s the goat?

As surprising as it might seem, Michael Jordan has never directly and unquestionably said that he thinks of himself as the greatest basketball player of all time.

Who does Scottie Pippen think the goat is?

Despite being Jordan’s teammate for nearly 10 NBA seasons, Pippen revealed his surprising take on the Jordan-James GOAT debate. Back in 2011, Scottie made a surprising pick for the GOAT debate. On ESPN’s Mike & Mike show, Pippen stated: “Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game.

Does Pippen hate Jordan?

Among a slew of others, Pippen lashed out against his former peers, accusing Jordan of being “selfish” throughout their time on the Chicago Bulls, as well as charging former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson with being “racist” at points during his career.

Why is Jordan called Black Cat?

“By the guys in the league, he was called the ‘Black Cat,'” Humphrey told Nick DePaula of ESPN. “If you think about how he moved on the court, he was pretty relentless. Very smooth, stealthlike but could strike at any time. It was a pretty good analogy for a player that moved like that.”

Who’s better Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen?

According to former NBA small forward Kendall Gill, Jordan was a better defender than Pippen. … Jordan won the steals title three times with the Bulls. He’s also third in NBA history in steals with 2,514. Meanwhile, Pippen was the 1994-95 steals champion and is seventh all-time in steals.

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