Frequent question: What is another name for the key in basketball?

What area is called key in basketball?

The key is one of the name given to an area below and in front of the basketball hoop. It’s also commonly called the paint or the lane. That area is special because players in it have to obey slightly different rules than those outside of it.

What is the area inside the key called?

Defenders must leave the paint after three seconds.

The area directly in front of the basket is sometimes referred to as “the paint” or “inside the key.” Offensive players may not camp out in this area waiting for the ball or an offensive rebound.

What are the dimensions of a basketball key?

Since October 2010, the key has been a rectangle 4.9 m wide and 5.8 m long. Previously, it was a trapezoid 3.7 meters (12 ft) wide at the free-throw line and 6 meters (19 feet and 6.25 inches) at the end line.

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