Frequent question: Who did the first slam dunk in basketball?

When did the NBA allow slam dunking?

But again the NBA needed something to keep the fans entertained between the Laker-Celtic finals. So it 1984, at its birthplace in Denver, Colorado they reintroduced the slam dunk contest, to great acclaim.

Was Michael Jordan the first to slam dunk?

30 years ago today, Jordan flew and won his first Slam Dunk contest. MJ didn’t jest go Air Jordan on everyone, though. No, Jordan flew for the first time from the free throw line in 1987.

Who has the most dunks in NBA history?

Dwight Howard holds the record for the most dunks in the NBA since 1996, and it does not look like that will change anytime soon. He could become the first player to cross the 3,000-dunk mark if he makes at least 90 in the 2021-22 season.

What is a tomahawk dunk?

noun. Basketball. A shot made by jumping high into the air and pushing the ball through the basket with a sharp downward motion, thought to resemble a blow made with a tomahawk.

When did MJ first dunk?

Michael Jordan rises for a dunk in March 1993. A new documentary, “The Last Dance,” focuses on the basketball legend and his final season with the Chicago Bulls.

Has a white person ever won the dunk contest?

He was on the San Antonio Spurs championship teams in 2005 and 2007. He won the Slam Dunk Contest in the NBA All-Star Weekend in 1996 with a Julius Erving-inspired slam dunk in which he took off from the free throw line to sail in and dunk one-handed. He was the first caucasian player to win the competition.

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