How many languages Kobe Bryant knew?

Did Kobe know Italian?

Kobe Bryant spent the better part of his childhood in Italy, and was fluent in Italian. From ages 6 to 13, Kobe lived with his father, Joe Bryant, who played for several basketball teams in the country, The Washington Post reports.

Did Kobe learn French?

Here’s a little tidbit you may not have know – Lakers great Kobe Bryant speaks a little French. In fact, he used to practice his French speaking skills whenever he faced France’s own Tony Parker during his playing days. … Listen for yourself in an interview with French show “NBA Extra.”

Does Will Smith speak Spanish?

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Will Smith is a famous American actor and musician. But what most people don’t know about Will Smith, is that he also speaks Spanish. Will Smith’s role in the film Seven Pounds encouraged him to pick up the language to help with his Spanish-speaking scenes.

What foreign language was Kobe Bryant fluent in?

Fluent in Italian

Bryant spent some of his childhood in Italy, and he began learning Italian at age six in grade school. To this day, the shooting guard still speaks the language fluently, and he has used it to communicate with some of his teammates on the court.

Why is Kobe’s middle name Bean?

Kobe Bean Bryant — Comes from his father’s nickname, Jelly Bean.

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Does Kobe speak Serbian?

Kobe grew up in Europe and is actually fluent in Italian and Spanish in addition to English. He has picked up on other languages over the years because of the many international teammates he had with the Lakers, and he learned some Slovenian from Sasha Vujacic. Bryant also speaks some Serbian.