Is NBA 2K21 a Triple A game?

Is NBA 2K21 a AAA game?

NBA 2K21 marks the latest AAA title that has gone free on the ‘Steam’ competitor’s store, following in the footsteps of GTA 5 and Star Wars Battlefront 2, among others.

What are triple AAA Games?

AAA Games (pronounced “triple A games”) are video games most distinguished by their massive development and marketing budgets. They are meant to be a game development company’s best work and provide a high quality video game experience–comparable to a summer blockbuster.

What is triple threat 2K21?

Become a Triple-Threat

Make a name for yourself in the NBA 2K21 PlayStation Tournaments: NBA 2K League Triple-Threat. … Each first place winner will become stylish on and off the court with a 2K League Swag Bag, while every player in the top 64 will take home virtual currency.

Is NBA 2K21 a demanding game?

To play NBA 2K21 you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i3-2100. Whereas, an Intel Core i5-4430 is recommended in order to run it. You will need at least 110 GB of free disk space to install NBA 2K21. The cheapest graphics card you can play it on is an AMD Radeon HD 7770.

Why is 2K21 100GB?

The 100GB file size for NBA 2K21 might be because the WNBA is being added to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X will take up a substantial amount of storage, as the next-gen basketball simulator requires over 100GB of space.

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What is a AAAA game?

When a developer gets or has carte blanche to push the envelope. The only developer right now I would say has permanent “AAAA” status would be Rockstar. When other studios gtfo of the way for your game, then you’re AAAA.

Are Nintendo games Triple A?

Nintendo makes games all over the budget spectrum. The biggest Nintendo releases are usually AAA, but sometimes something like Star Fox Zero, Yoshi’s Woolly World or DKCTF are AA (you can tell because they were $50 new).

How many 2K games are there?

The series consists of eighteen main installments and several spinoff-style titles. It has seen releases on eighteen different platforms. The NBA 2K series has also been used in eSports.

How old do you have to be to play NBA 2K21?

In order to play NBA 2K MyCareer, you need to be 18 years old. If your account is under the age requirement, you’ll get an error message.

Is NBA 2K21 free?

NBA 2K21 is available as a free download on the Epic Games Store. As part of its ongoing battle with PC gaming platform Steam, Epic offers a free game to customers each week. … Once you’ve added the game to your Epic Games Store library, NBA 2K21 is yours to keep forever.