Question: What is the BAA basketball?

Why did the NBL and BAA merge?

With higher salaries and bigger arenas, the better players were choosing the BAA over the NBL. Since the NBL consisted of primarily small market teams with limited resources, pressure came to bear on NBL owners to seek a solution. That solution can in the form of a merger in 1949.

How did the NBL start?

The NBL started with thirteen previously independent teams in 1937. The league began as the Midwest Basketball Conference in 1935, but changed its name in 1937 in an attempt to attract a larger audience. The league was created by three corporations: General Electric, Firestone and Goodyear.

Who won the 1943 NBA Finals?

The table provides a chronological list of winners of the NBA championship.

NCAA men’s championship.

year 1943
winner Wyoming
runner-up Georgetown
score 46–34

Who is known as the first NBA star?

Boston Celtics’ Ed Macauley was named as the first NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award. The game became a success, drawing an attendance of 10,094, much higher than that season’s average attendance of 3,500.


Player Starters Ed Macauley
FGA 12
Reb 6

Who won the 1950 NBA championship?

Who won the 1946 NBA championship?

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