Question: When did basketball become popular in France?

When did basketball get popular in Europe?

The Current State of Basketball in Europe

The spread of easily-accessible TV coverage of foreign games in the 1980s proved a boon to the game, and its popularity subsequently exploded. Within less than a century, basketball went from being a minor American game to an international sensation.

How popular is basketball in France?

Even though the current season is not yet over in France, the number of registrations has soared from 661,025 to 668,312 – something which seals a ninth consecutive annual increase.

Where in France is basketball popular?

Sport in Paris: the best courts to play basketball. With three high-level clubs in the city and close suburbs (Paris Basket, Nanterre and Levallois), basketball is without doubt a favourite Parisian sport.

Who is on the France basketball Team 2021?


Player Pos. 1%1
Evan Fournier SG / SF 83.3%
Nando De Colo PG / SG 90.9%
Rudy Gobert C 54.8%
Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot SF 87.5%

Which European country is basketball popular?

In Europe, basketball is the second most popular team sport in many countries, including Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Spain. In Lithuania, it is the national sport. It is also very popular in Italy, France, Germany and all ex-Yugoslavia countries.

Does France have an NBA?

The France men’s national basketball team (French: Équipe de France de basketball) represents France in international basketball and is administered by the French Federation of Basketball. France is currently ranked fifth in the FIBA World Rankings.

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Does France have any NBA players?

Five of the French roster currently play in the NBA, headlined by defensive stopper Rudy Gobert and lead scorer Evan Fournier. However, there are eight other players from France that currently star in the league, totalling 13 overall.