Question: When did the WNBA season start?

When did the WNBA start this season?

The regular season ran from May 14 to September 19, with a break from July 12 to August 11 for the Olympic Games. This season also marked the launch of the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup, which had been intended to start in the 2020 season but was delayed due to COVID-19.

2021 WNBA season
Finals MVP Kahleah Copper (Chicago)

Who won the 2021 WNBA championship?

Has a WNBA game ever sold out?

CHICAGO — From the moment the ball was tipped at Wintrust Arena for Game 3 of the WNBA Finals, a sold out crowd was fully engaged. … The overtime thriller Wednesday in Phoenix became the most-viewed Game 2 since the 2003 Finals peaking at an audience of one million.

Who was the first woman drafted in WNBA?

Dena Head is the oldest No. 1 draft pick (she was 27 years old), having graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1992 and the first player ever drafted to the WNBA. Lauren Jackson is the youngest No.

First picks.

Year 1997
Player Tina Thompson
Country United States
College/Club USC
Drafted by Houston Comets
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