Quick Answer: How do you dispose of a portable basketball hoop?

Can you scrap a basketball hoop?

If you’re unsure about what to do with your old basketball goal, let us take it off your hands. If your unwanted hoop is still in good shape, we will donate it to a local charity. If it’s no longer in good condition, scrap metal recycling is better than dumping it in a landfill.

Can you bury a portable basketball hoop?

As for the easiest way to convert portable basketball hoop to inground, that would be to remove the support base from the backboard and pole and cement the pole in the ground. Making sure that you follow the rule-of-thumb. For example, for a 3.5” diameter pipe dig a 3.5′ hole.

How do you transport a basketball hoop on a truck?

Wrap the pieces delicately so that it won’t get damaged from the other items on the move. You may use bubble wrap to protect the backboard and the pole. The smaller pieces, such as the rim, should be placed in a box, and the base should be put in a bigger box so it won’t veer around the truck during the travel.

How do you permanently mount a portable basketball hoop?

How To Convert Your Portable Hoop In To An In-Ground One

  1. Mount Your Portable Backboard & Hoop On An In-Ground Support Pole. …
  2. Cement The Pole in To The Ground. …
  3. Install The Support Pole In a Short Wall. …
  4. Mount Your Backboard on a Roof , Wall or Garage. …
  5. Cement Your Portable Hoops Base & Support Pole In The Ground.
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Can I put my basketball hoop on the ground?

Once you’ve dug the hole, you’ll secure the basketball hoop pole in the ground with poured concrete. Some models simply have a single pole that you pour the concrete around. … More commonly, there is a rebar-mounted anchor that you’ll set into the concrete after it’s been poured.

Can you put a portable hoop in the ground?

Changing a portable basketball hoop to an in-ground system is a weekend project that will likely take about 8 hours of actual work time. … Lay the portable basketball hoop on the ground in order to dismantle the rim and backboard from the pole. This will make it lighter and easier to cut and move.