Quick Answer: Which NBA player is responsible for the longer shorts?

Who is credited for baggy NBA shorts?

Former NBA player TJ Ford explains origin of absurdly baggy shorts in viral rookie photo shoot with Bucks.

Which basketball player inspired the NBA to wear longer shorts with their uniforms?

Michael Jordan started wearing longer baggy shorts because he wanted to wear his University of North Carolina shorts under his uniform.

Why are Jordan shorts so long?

According to Jordan, the tight shorts that were used didn’t allow the athletes to grip it while they try to catch their breath. As a result, the 14x All-Star player approached Champion- the manufacturer of NBA uniforms and asked them to longer shorts.

When did the NBA get rid of short shorts?

By the end of the 1990s, short shorts were taboo. They effectively vanished with the retirement in 2003 of Hall of Fame point guard John Stockton, the NBA’s final prominent displayer of upper-leg skin.

Who first wore long basketball shorts?

Including his baggy shorts. However, although Jordan was the first to introduce longer shorts it was the fab five of Michigan state who wore baggy shorts and made them mainstream.

When did mens shorts get longer?

As the film series progresses, 007’s short inseams gradually gives way to a longer Bulldog cut, a few stylish coin pockets are added – Everything is almost always blue and then his shorts get very short all over again. As the 1970s and 80’s came to an end, short styles for men became longer and therefore more modest.

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Did Michael Jordan wear his college shorts?

Michael Jordan’s UNC Shorts

MJ had led his alma mater to an NCAA championship in 1982, and would wear those ratty old short shorts throughout his career, including his two separate three-peats from 1991-93 and 1996-98.

How long should basketball shorts be?

Today, the consensus seems to have settled on around 11 inches for basketball shorts. Shorts that end just above the knee combine good coverage and freedom of movement. You’ll usually pair basketball shorts with compression underwear, so go for shorts without built-in liners.