Should basketball players bench?

Should a basketball player bench press?

Attitude. Athletes like performing tasks they are good at. A basketball player with long arms will never been good at the bench press. If a team of basketball players is in the weight room the same time a football team is in the weight room, the basketball players will be embarrassed on the bench press.

Do NBA players do bench press?

Physical strength is important for the average NBA player, but nowhere near as important as it is for NFL players. As such, at the annual NBA Draft Combine, players are tested for the number of times they can bench 185 pounds (roughly 84 kilograms), not 225 pounds (102 kilograms) like they do at the NFL Combine.

How much should basketball players bench?

If anything, it’s interesting to see how top basketball prospects compare in strength to the average human being since the bench total they use for reps in the NBA combine – 185 pounds (just about 84 kilograms) – is far more attainable for the regular person than the NFL’s 225-pound bench press.

Should athletes bench press?

Even though the bench press is the least functional of the Big Lifts, it is the most necessary for building the maximal strength needed to perform the more functional push movements that are needed to be successful in sports and in life. “Because without strength we CAN NOT be anything else”.

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Is bench press bad for athletes?

Fact: The Bench Press Calls for a Wide Grip

Once again, the Bench Press falls short of matching up with athletic needs. To make matters worse, the standard grip can leave your shoulders in a compromised position at the bottom of the movement—especially for tall or long-armed athletes.

Do basketball players train chest?

The upper body is involved in various movements in basketball. … Ideally, basketball strength training should focus on developing the legs and the core, as well as the chest, shoulders, and back.

Do all NBA players lift weights?

This includes during the season. From the sounds of it, the programs all vary. Some times the teams really ride younger guys to bulk up, and with veterans they will work together on a program and leave the vet to work on his own.