What are they huffing in Basketball Diaries?

What are they sniffing in The Basketball Diaries?

They sniff glue, moon tourists on the Circle Line cruise and give a hard time to a neighborhood junkie-hooker (played, inevitably, by Juliette Lewis). Then the gang discovers harder drugs, first cocaine and pills and later heroin.

Did Leonardo Dicaprio actually do drugs in The Basketball Diaries?

Already considered a Hollywood party boy in his real life, Leo assured reporters that no drugs were tried by him during the making of the film or in his research for the role.

Why is Basketball Diaries banned?

The Gwinnett Library Board voted 2-1 June 8 to ban the book if it is found to be harmful to minors under state law. The book is Carroll’s account of growing up in New York, where he went from being a youth basketball star to being a heroin addict who engaged in prostitution to support his habit.

Is Basketball Diaries a true story?

“Basketball Diaries” is based on the autobiographical writings of Jim Carroll, who vividly chronicled his disintegration from New York City high school basketball star to Bowery heroin addict and street hustler and the road back from ruin to acclaim as a writer and rocker.

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What was Jim addicted to in The Basketball Diaries?

Jim Carroll’s “The Basketball Diaries,” the graphic retelling of his descent into heroin addiction as a New York teenager in the 1960s, has been the subject of movie-development deals ever since its publication in 1978.

What did Reggie do to Jim?

Reggie forced Jim to dump his habit cold turkey, driving him into withdrawal. It was an excruciating scene of guttural screams of pain and dysphoria. Sweat poured down Jim’s face as he slowly lost control of his body.

Are Mark Wahlberg and Leo friends?

However, despite their rocky start, Wahlberg took to Instagram on Thursday to reminisce about his friendship with DiCaprio, sharing an ET clip from our 1994 visit to the movie’s set. “Are we friends? Yeah, we’re friends.

How much is Leo DiCaprio worth?

A child star who became an A-list celebrity, Leonardo DiCaprio is worth $260 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In addition to his film income, he has made millions from endorsements, real estate investments and venture capital stakes.

How did Leo prepare for Basketball Diaries?

In order to get into the skin of his character and look his part appropriately on the silver-screen, the makers of the movie actually hired a drug consultant. DiCaprio used to talk to him before delivering his scenes, as per IMDb trivia.