What does questionable mean in basketball?

What does questionable mean in NBA?

Questionable (Q) – Players have approximately a 50% chance of playing. Probable (P) – Players are very likely to start in the upcoming week. The injury designations are exactly that; based on percentages.

What does DTD stand for in NBA?

Day to Day (DTD) Day to day is an injury designation that displays that a player is injured but not enough to be on the DL. If a player is ddsted as day to day, their injury status is reevaluated on a daily basis.

How does injured reserve work in fantasy basketball?

Injured Reserve are extra slots on your roster that can be used for players that are unable to play for your team due to injury.

Is Will Barton hurt?

Nuggets’ Will Barton: Questionable Friday.

What does SPD mean in fantasy?

Speed score (Spd) is a statistic developed by Bill James that rates a player on their speed and baserunning ability.

What does OFS stand for?


Acronym Definition
OFS Office of Field Service (US Navy)
OFS Online Financial Services (Wells Fargo)
OFS Optical Fiber Sensor
OFS Oh, for Sure!

What does DL mean in basketball?

ML is Metro League and DL is district league.

What does OFS stand for in basketball?

Basketball. Uses the IL and IL+ roster position: IL eligible designations – Injured (INJ) or Out For Season (OFS).

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