What is the average number of steals in an NBA game?

Who average most steals in NBA?


Rank Player SPG
1. Alvin Robertson 2.71
2. Micheal Ray Richardson 2.63
3. Fatty Taylor 2.40
4. Michael Jordan* 2.35

What is the average number of possessions in an NBA game?

NBA Team Possessions per Game

Rank Team 2020
10 Washington 108.0
11 Miami 100.3
12 Minnesota 105.7
13 Golden State 105.4

How many career steals Does LeBRON James have?

NBA History – Steals Leaders

Steals Leaders
11 Karl Malone 2,085
12 LeBRON JAMES 2,077
13 Mookie Blaylock 2,075

Who is the best stealer in NBA?

NBA All-Time Steals Record

The record belongs to John Stockton who has reached 3,256 steals in his career. The legendary point guard of the Utah Jazz has set an unattainable record, as well as for the assists of which he is the absolute leader.

Who led NBA in steals?

NBA Stat Leaders 2021-22

Steals STL
1 Paul GeorgeLAC 3.3
2 Jimmy ButlerMIA 2.9
3 Marcus SmartBOS 2.8
3 Gary Trent Jr.TOR 2.8

How much does Jimmy Butler average?

Per Game

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Season Age PTS
2013-14 24 13.1
2014-15 25 20.0
2015-16 26 20.9
2016-17 27 23.9

How many times did Michael Jordan lead the NBA in steals?

In fact, Jordan is also tied for the all-time record of three times leading the NBA in steals. Scoring was obviously Jordan’s stand-out skill (as was defense) and he still holds the all-time record for leading the NBA in total points scored 11 times!

Has anyone got a quintuple double in NBA?

While double-doubles and triple-doubles occur regularly each NBA season, only four quadruple-doubles have ever officially been recorded in the NBA, and a quintuple-double has never officially been recorded at the professional, collegiate, or even high school boys’ level.

Who has the most steals in a game?

Kendall Gill and Larry Kenon are tied for the most steals in a game, with 11 steals.

Who has the most steals in an NBA Finals game?

Kyrie Irving has the most steals per game in an NBA Finals, with 4.0 per game.

Kyrie Irving 2014-15 +5
Rick Barry 1974-75
Robert Horry 1994-95
Isiah Thomas 1987-88