What is the cylinder in basketball?

What is the cylinder rule?

The cylinder rule only increases the space normally allowed in the front of the player where the cylinder extends to the hands of a player when the elbows are bent. … Therefore, a defender may come as close to an offensive player short of contact on the side or back of the offensive player.

What does it mean to be in the cylinder in college basketball?

The space that a player may legally occupy is defined by an imaginary cylinder surrounding the player and which extends from the floor to as far above the player as he can jump or extend his arms and body.

What is a goal tend?

1 : the act of guarding a goal (as in hockey) 2 : a violation in basketball that involves touching or deflecting a ball that is on its downward path toward the basket or on or within the rim of the basket.

Can you take a charge in the restricted area?

What is the restricted area? A four-foot arc underneath the basket under which players cannot draw charges. The rule is designed to prevent players from hanging below the rim while offensive players drive to the basket. A defender must establish his position outside of the area in order to draw a charge.

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Can you bounce a basketball into the hoop?

Yes, a bounce that goes into the basket would count as a successful goal. Anytime (except on a throw-in) a live ball goes through the basket, it is a goal, and it doesn’t matter who, if anyone, threw the ball.

Can you punch a ball in basketball?

A player shall not kick the ball or strike it with the fist. Kicking the ball or striking it with any part of the leg is a violation when it is an intentional act. … A player may not use any part of his leg to intentionally move or secure the ball.

Can you goaltend a free throw?

In high school and NCAA basketball, if goaltending is called on a free throw, the shooting team is awarded one point and a technical foul is called against the offending player. … It is possible for a team to goaltend at the buzzer, although this is very rare.

What is a goaltending in basketball?

What does goaltending mean? In basketball, goaltending refers to a rules violation in which a player interferes with a shot by touching the ball on its downward flight to the basket or while it is over, on, or within the rim of the basket.