What is the slot in basketball?

What are the terms used in basketball?

Here are a few terms you and your child will come across on the basketball court.

  • Airball. A shot attempt that was off the mark and didn’t touch the basket or the backboard.
  • Alley-oop. …
  • Assist. …
  • Backboard. …
  • Box Out. …
  • Brick. …
  • Double-Double. …
  • Double Dribble.

What is the dunker spot in basketball?

The dunker spot is a frequently used term in the NBA for the area on the baseline just outside the lane, but closer to the rim then the short corner.

What is m1 in basketball?

What does an “And-One” mean in basketball? And one in basketball is a term used to describe a player who is fouled in the process of shooting the ball and making the basket.

What are bunnies in basketball?

3 basketball, informal : an easy shot (such as a layup) taken close to the basket He missed a handful of bunnies around the basket.—

What does Dish mean in basketball?

1. The term “dish” is another way to call an “assist” in basketball. A dish, or assist, is credited to a player when they pass the ball to a teammate who then immediately makes a field goal after receiving the pass.

Who’s the best basketball player of all time?

Lakers News: Steph Curry has a lot to say about LeBron James

Michael Jordan has been considered the greatest basketball player of all time even before he retired. Some exceptions apply, but this has been a consensus choice for the better part of 2 plus decades. For James to be ranked above him is a watershed moment.

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Where is the Dunkers spot?

The dunker spot is the area along the baseline that is just outside the lane but not quite in the short corner. During the course of a game, you can often see players lurking in that area, awaiting a pass from a driver.

Where is the nail in basketball?

The “nail” is an actual nail. Every court has one. It is a driven into the wood in the middle of the painted foul line. It is the exact middle point of the line, and it is used by court engineers to fix a straight line to the front of the rim.