What states do most NBA players come from?

What state is basketball most popular in?

Lets start with the term “Basketball” and see which state shows the most online love for the sport. Turns out that Kentucky takes the crown over Kansas, North Carolina and Indiana. Now keep in mind this is calculated by the percentage of searches within that states population.

What city produced the most NBA players?

1. Los Angeles, California. Top five homegrown players: Kawhi Leonard (2011)

What region has the most NBA players?

As of the 2020–21 season, among foreign players, excluding those born in the United States: Canada has produced the most players, with 55.

What state breeds the best basketball players?

1. Texas. Whether it’s college football or college basketball, no state is sending more players to the college level than Texas. From 2010 through 2014, Texas has had 47 players rated in ESPN’s Top 100.

Is basketball popular in Texas?

Basketball is also popular, and Texas hosts three NBA teams: the San Antonio Spurs, the Houston Rockets, and the Dallas Mavericks. … The state had two other WNBA teams, the Houston Comets and San Antonio Stars.

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How many NBA players are from California?

So far during the 2016-17 NBA season, 428 players have played in at least one game and no state has produced more of those players than California. Of the players who have appeared in the NBA this season, 46 (10.7%) were born in California. Texas (23) is the only other state with at least 20 active NBA players.

What city produces the most athletes?

Based on the data, Washington, D.C, has produced the greatest number of professional baseball, basketball, hockey, and football players (a little over 53 athletes per 100,000 residents).

How many NBA players are from Georgia?

136 Players

Rk Player City
5 Al-Farouq Aminu Atlanta
6 Shandon Anderson Atlanta
7 Tate Armstrong Moultrie

How many NBA players are from Tennessee?

95 Players

Rk Player 3PA
7 Antonio Burks 17
8 Art Burris
9 Mike Butler 596

How many NBA players are from North Carolina?

There are 11 UNC basketball alumni currently playing in the NBA as well as 21 in the NBA G-League or overseas.