When was the last time the Sixers won the NBA championship?

Who won the 67 NBA Finals?

Why is it called 76ers?

The name ’76ers’ comes from the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, but was chosen by contest winner Walt Stahlberg, who suggested it after the Syracuse Nationals were purchased and moved to Philadelphia.

How far did Sixers go in 1964 playoffs?

The 1964–65 NBA season was the 76ers 16th season in the NBA and 2nd season in City Philadelphia.

1964–65 Philadelphia 76ers season
Record 40–40 (.500)
Place Division: 3rd (Eastern)
Playoff finish Division Finals (Lost to Celtics 3–4)

Who won the finals in 1984?

Who won the 1983 NBA Finals?

Who won the NBA in 1968?

Who won the 1968 NBA Finals?

Who won the NBA in 1975?

What is the oldest NBA team?

What are the oldest teams in the NBA? Lakers top full list entering 2021-22 season

Team Average Age
Los Angeles Lakers 30.0
Brooklyn Nets 28.1
Utah Jazz 28.1
Miami Heat 27.9

Why does LA have 2 NBA teams?

How did Los Angeles end up with two NBA teams? With the Los Angeles Lakers already present in LA in 1960, it was in 1981, Donald Sterling became the owner of the Clippers and moved the team after a few seasons in 1984 against the NBA’s approval. … Los Angeles is big enough city to easily house two teams.

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