Which team won the NBA championship in 2005 and who was the MVP of the series?

Who won the NBA championship in 2005?

What NBA team was in 2005?

It began on November 2, 2004 and ended June 23, 2005. The season ended with the San Antonio Spurs defeating the defending-champion Detroit Pistons, 4–3, in the NBA Finals.

2004–05 NBA season
Champions San Antonio Spurs
Runners-up Detroit Pistons
Finals MVP Tim Duncan (San Antonio)

Did the Pacers make the playoffs in 2005?

For the 3rd straight year (5th overall) the Pacers met the Celtics in the first round. Boston won in 2003 4–2, while Indiana swept Boston in 2004.

2005 NBA playoffs.

Dates April 23–June 23, 2005
Season 2004–05
Teams 16
Champions San Antonio Spurs (3rd title)
Runners-up Detroit Pistons (7th finals appearance)

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Who was the best NBA team in 2005?

Team Ratings

Rk Team W
1 San Antonio Spurs 63
2 Detroit Pistons 64
3 Dallas Mavericks 60

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