Who has the best fade away in NBA?

Did Jordan invent the fadeaway?

Michael Jordan Didn’t Invent the Fadeaway—but He Did Perfect It – The Ringer.

Who was the most unstoppable NBA player?

Michael Jordan

Jordan never scored 100 points in a game—not even close—and no, he never averaged 50 ppg for a season. However, he is the most unstoppable player in NBA history.

Who has the best fadeaway in 2k21?

Athletic 3 is the best if you want to do close shot fadeaway or mid-range fadeaway if you like to take three-point fadeaway, Stephen Curry is the better option. Spin Jumpers: Normal 4 or Nate Robinson. You can use normal 4, but if you go towards, Nate Robinson looks much cleaner, smoother and faster than Normal 4.

Who is Dirk wife?

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