Who owns the NBA trademark?

Is the NBA trademarked?

Possibly the most iconic trademark that the NBA has registered is its logo: a blue and red rounded rectangle with the silhouette of a man dribbling in the middle. That man is Hall of Famer Jerry West (who played for the Lakers) because the designer believed it conveyed the athleticism of athletes.

Can you use NBA logos without permission?

As previously mentioned, you will need permission from the NBA to use the NBA logo or other team logos. You should contact local counsel who may be able to help you locate a contact in the NBA licensing department to answer this inquiry, for example.

Are NBA stats copyrighted?

The scores and statistics are facts which any person attending an NBA may obtain. Facts are not copyrightable. … Accordingly, the court held that STATS did not infringe on the copyrighted broadcasts.

How much does the NBA make in merchandise sales?

NBA’s Merchandise Deals

Merchandise accounts for well over a billion dollars annually, and in the 2017-2018 season, for the first time in the NBA’s history, teams wore advertisements on their jerseys.

Can I sell NBA Art?

No. You can sell paintings of anything you like so long as you dont misrepresent the work in anyway. There is no law that says you cant be creative however you want to be with you paints.

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Can I sell NBA merchandise?

If you don’t want to get licensed and still want to sell NBA products, you should know that if you are caught by the trademark holder (the NBA), your store or shop can be shut down. … It’s also worth noting that NBA files that you might find on Etsy for sale with commercial use probably aren’t legal.

Can I use NBA in my domain name?

The NBA and the NHL and other professional sports leagues DO NOT have the exclusive right to use acronyms of their league names within a domain name. They only have the right to prevent others from using those acronyms in a domain…

Are sports statistics copyrighted?

Courts have also held that the publicly available names, likenesses, and statistics of athletes are not copyrightable.

Are NBA pictures copyrighted?

NBA Photo Store recommends that You register all of Your Images for copyright protection, as such registration is generally a prerequisite to commencing an action for copyright infringement. More information on registering your work for copyright protection can be found at http://www.copyright.gov/.