Who was the first female in the WNBA to have the first two dunks in a WNBA game?

Which woman was the first to dunk in a professional game?

Leslie, a 6-foot-5 center who missed a jam in the inaugural W.N.B.A. game in 1997, slammed home a one-hander Tuesday night to become the first woman to dunk in a professional game.

Who was the first female basketball player to dunk and what year?

Lisa Leslie made history as the first WNBA player to dunk in a game when she threw this down against the Miami Sol on July 30, 2002.

Has a woman ever dunked in a WNBA?

1. Lisa Leslie. Perhaps one of the most well-known women basketball players of all time, Lisa Leslie became the first person in the WNBA to dunk. She did so on July 30th, 2002, when she threw down a slam against the Miami Sol.

When was dunking illegal in college?

So, in 1967, the NCAA actually decided to ban the dunk, claiming that it was not a “skillful shot” and also citing injury concerns. Whether or not it was a skillful shot was highly debatable and the injuries due to dunking were a very small percentage compared to other injuries that occurred while playing basketball.

How tall does a girl have to be to dunk?

Since you have to get your fingers about 6 inches above the rim to have a chance at dunking, a female player of average leaping ability would have to be around 6-foot-6 with a standing reach of 8-foot-11”—the approximate measurements for Michael Jordan. (His Airness reportedly had a 48-inch vertical leap.)

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