You asked: Can you get injured in NBA 2K21 MyCareer?

Can you not get hurt in 2k21?

I chose to play through the injury and it was a tough transition. … From NBA 2k20 to NBA 2k21 I found myself engaged and motivated to play through this story. There’s no forced cut scenes, a pointless 2k9 game, or unnecessary side activities. By far one of the better storylines of the current gen 2k library.

Will there be a nba2k22?

PS5 and XBox Series X versions arrived a little later, in mid-November, but that was only down to the pre-Christmas release of those consoles. Synchronicity across all formats and generations was restored this year, with Friday, September 10, 2021 the confirmed NBA 2K22 release date.

Can you get injured in MyCareer?

NBA 2K22 News on Twitter: “You can get injured in MyCareer this year #NBA2K21”

Can your MyCareer player get injured 2k20?

From what I’ve seen and heard, no. I miss that; in one of the earlier versions of MP/MC I remember missing ~23 games during my rookie year due to a high ankle sprain and several bouts of back spasms. You got the choice of playing through some minor/moderate injuries which risked further injury and sitting out to heal.

Is it better to go with Archie or Harper 2K21?

Archie is the right choice if you want to spend your time in the Park, as you will earn fans quicker and keep a lot of your VC. Harper makes more sense if you want to focus on the NBA though.

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How do you get rid of injuries in NBA 2k21?

Go to roster and select a player, then go to edit player. I think the injuries are in the Vitals section. Just set them to healthy. I love you.

Will NBA 2K22 be better than 2K21?

NBA 2K22 defense is way better.

Defense is way better than in 2K21. The computer-based players move better and read players easier, allowing you to have a better experience in game. It is so much better than last year.

Will 2K22 be on PC?

Release Date on PC

NBA 2K22 will be released on Friday, 10 September 2021 on all platforms, including PC.