You asked: Did the dunks get pushed back?

Did the dunks get delayed?

This week’s Nike Dunk Low and High releases have all been delayed in North America. Originally slated to release on Thursday, January 14th, 2021, the Nike Dunk Low “UNLV”, “ULCA”, “Black/White” as well as the Dunk High “Vast Grey” and “Football Grey” have now been pushed to February and March release windows.

What is the dunk release?

Nike Dunk SB Low – What the Dunk

Model: Nike Skateboarding , Nike SB , Nike Dunk SB Low
Style Code: 318403 141
Year of Release: 2007
News & Updates: Nike SB , Nike Dunks
Information: Nike Skateboarding , Nike SB , Nike Dunk SB

Why are dunk low so expensive?

These sneakers are highly coveted, and over the past 30 days, the average SB Dunk has sold for 375% more than their average retail price. However, like all markets, it ultimately comes down to supply and demand — if a product has a community of collectors and an active market, trade will flourish.”

Why are dunks coming back?

“The Dunk has had a huge resurgence in the last 12 months because of the thirst for nostalgia and cleaner sneaker silhouettes from a new consumer, as well as the likes of social media heavyweights such as Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh and Ambush doing their own takes on the style,” adds Trivunovic.

How hard is it to get dunks?

The reason SB Dunks are difficult to obtain has to do with hype, limited numbers, limited places to buy and a small amount of buyers loading up on pairs.

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What is a draw on Snkrs?

We use drawings through the SNKRS App and website to give you a chance to reserve some of our most in-demand, limited-edition shoes. … The window to join the drawing is open only for a limited time, and we’ll have a countdown clock to show how much time you have to join. Select the shoe(s) you want and choose your size.