You asked: What are the best seats at Staples Center for a basketball game?

Where’s the best place to sit at a basketball game?

Generally speaking you are better off sitting in the first few rows of the upper level near mid-court than you are sitting in the lower level behind the basket.

What are premier seats Staples Center?

What is Premier Seating at Staples Center? Premier Seating at Staples Center is a type of club seating for all events. These sections are located just above 100 level sections and extend from corner-to-corner on either side of the arena.

Is Premier seating at Staples Center good?

-Staples center stands as one of the few international hubs for entertainment. As a premier destination in show business, fans with Premier Seats are guaranteed access to the world’s biggest and best with a VIP priority. Fans can enjoy priority access as well as alerts to the shows before general admission.

How much are premier seats at Staples Center?

Premium seating slots, in the sections immediately beneath the suites at the extended center-court area, start at $15,900 a seat. Those reserved spots are granted the same access as suite holders; deals run for three-, five- and seven-year terms.

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How do you get better seats at a basketball game?

Buy the absolute cheapest tickets you can get for the lower bowl. Wait until the game starts and move to some empty seats that are closer. If the owners of the seats show up then just go back to your seats which should be still somewhat good and try again after the first quarter or so.

What does PR stand for at Staples Center?

Club Seats Club seating at Staples Center is also called Premier Seating. Premier seating sections are labelled PR and corner sections are PR1, PR2, PR3, PR16, PR17, PR18, PR10, PR11, PR12 PR7, PR8 and PR9.

How much are box seats at a Laker game?

Los Angeles Lakers’ luxury suites for high-priority games range from $6,500 to $25,000. Individual VIP Lakers tickets in a suite may cost $200 – $600.

Low Range Location High Range
$6,000 A Level Suites first level; closest to the stage, rink, or court $20,000

Can you bring food to STAPLES Center?

Can I bring my own food or beverages inside STAPLES Center? No. Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the arena. STAPLES Center is proud to offer Kosher and Gluten-free food options.

Where do you park at STAPLES Center?

Parking LOT W (West Garage) and LOT E (East Garage) are open 6 AM – 2 AM DAILY (holiday hours may vary). Parking LOT 1 and LOT C will open two and a half hours prior to the start of a STAPLES Center event.