You asked: What is Michael Jordan’s win percentage?

What is Michael Jordan’s win/loss ratio?

Played 15 seasons (1984-85 – 1997-98, 2001-02 – 2002-03) in the NBA, 13 seasons (1984-85 – 1997-98) with the Chicago Bulls and two seasons (2001-02 – 2002-03) with the Washington Wizards. Owns a career win-loss regular season record of 706-366 (. 659 winning percentage) and was 639-291 (.

How many wins does Jordan have?

Michael Jordan won 706 times in his career.

Who is better MJ or LeBron?

Statistically speaking, James is doing better than Jordan and will have better stats when it’s all said and done. James currently has more career points, rebounds, assists and blocks as compared to Jordan.

What is LeBron James win percentage?

LeBron James currently sits in ninth place with a career winning percentage of . 623. His regular season record is 367-218 (. 627), while his playoff record stands at 42-29 (.

How many steals did LeBron average?

James has averaged 1.6 steals per game for his career, but that number decreased to 1.3 last season—the same as his average over the past three years.

Does Michael Jordan still hold any records?

He holds the NBA records for career regular season scoring average (30.12 points per game) and career playoff scoring average (33.45 points per game).

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Which NBA player has the best win percentage?

By percentage, LA Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard is the winningest player in NBA history among players to have played at least 150 games, having won 74.5 percent of his 576 career regular-season games.

How many times did Michael Jordan lose in the 1st round?

Yes, Michael Jordan lost three times in the first round. They were his first three seasons.

How much did Michael Jordan lose?

However, according to Forbes once again, Jordan’s fortune has fallen almost 24 percent, from 2.1 billion dollars to 1.6 billion dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic. The details of these losses have not been revealed but are believed to be related to his investments outside the world of basketball.

What companies does Michael Jordan own?

Widely considered as the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan was the pioneer that led NBA basketball to a global stage.

Michael Jordan Net worth (Updated 2021)

Name Michael Jordan
Source of Wealth Former NBA player, Charlotte Hornets team owner
Salary Approx $130 Million
Endorsement Nike, Hanes, Gatorade and Upper deck