You asked: Who is #3 UCLA basketball?

What is Tyger Campbell major?

Ole Miss, according to his coach at Christ Presbyterian Academy (Nashville, TN), Drew Maddux.

Who is the old man at the UCLA basketball games?

Mick Cronin’s dad (and biggest fan) is Harold “Hep” Cronin. He’s been shown in the bleachers during UCLA’s tournament games quite a bit. Hep was Mick’s basketball coach when he played at La Salle High School.

Where is Tyger Campbell from?

Who wore number 3 in basketball?

Allen Iverson put the No. 3 on the map when he began dominating the league in his prime days. Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade have carried the honor ever since.

What famous NBA players went to UCLA?


Player Career NBA draft
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* (formerly Lew Alcindor) 1966–1969 1
Jordan Adams 2012–2014 22
Arron Afflalo 2004–2007 27
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