Was Michael Jordan poisoned during the flu game?

What did Michael Jordan get poisoned with?

Jordan said the Flu Game was actually due to food poisoning

Grover said Jordan got sick the night before from food poisoning. In The Last Dance, Grover and Jordan doubled down on the food poisoning story. Apparently, Jordan ordered a late-night pizza the night before Game 5.

Did Michael Jordan get poisoned by pizza?

On Sunday night’s “The Last Dance,” it was revealed that Michael Jordan’s infamous Flu Game during the 1997 NBA Finals was actually the Food Poisoning Game, with Jordan heaving overnight after eating a bad pizza from a local pizza joint.

Has anyone been charged for poisoning Michael Jordan?

As if that weren’t enough earth-shattering news for the week, a Utah man now says the charges of poison are nothing but lies. That Utahn is none other than Craig Fite, who claims to have made and delivered the pizza. He called into 1280 The Zone’s “The Big Show” on Monday to share his side of the story.

Did Utah try to poison Jordan?

Gordon Monson: Utah pizza guy says there was no way Michael Jordan’s pie was poisoned. | May 19, 2020, 10:13 a.m. | Updated: 11:24 a.m. … The one who said he delivered the infamous pie that supposedly poisoned Michael Jordan before Game 5 of the NBA Finals in 1997.

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What shoes did Jordan wear when he had the flu?

Air Jordan 12 Retro “Flu Game” 2016

Released in 2016, the Air Jordan 12 Retro in the “Flu Game” colorway was the original model that celebrated Jordan’s legendary performance in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Battling flu-like symptoms, Jordan still managed to lead the Bulls to a 3-2 series against the Utah Jazz.